Mirabelli: Milan Just Joking At Bonucci

Mirabelli: Milan Just Joking At Bonucci

Mirabelli: Milan Just Joking At Bonucci

In the current transfer market, AC Milan became one of the clubs that do a lot of surprises. The reason, after being acquired by Yonghong Li, the team immediately step on the gas to bring many players.

Nevertheless, of the 10 players that Milan have taken so far, Leonardo Bonucci is definitely the most surprising name. The reason, Juventus defender is a mainstay team last season.

Milan sporting director, Massimiliano Mirabelli, revealed that at first he did not have a plan to bring the Italian national defender. However, when the opportunity came, then Mirabelli did not want to menyiakannya.

Furthermore, Mirabelli explained that the name Bonucci first appeared when he contacted the agent Alessandro Lucci. Mirabelli tried to ask about the oemain he might have recruited, but Lucci jokingly instead proposed Bonucci’s name.

“Bonucci’s transfers were never planned, but that was a chance we had to take as we passed them. I talked to Lucci about other players and he kept joking about Bonucci, “Mirabelli explained to the local media.

“For the first few days, I did not even tell Milan CEO Marco Fassone. Then I saw the boy (Bonucci) really want to come to Milan and we immediately negotiate very quickly, “lid Mirabelli.

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